Review: Three Arrows, Four Targets

Three Arrows, Four Targets is a short comic from writer James Mulholland and artist CD Malcolm. Other than having a cool ass title, it has a ninja in it. That’s twice as cool. As our ninja protagonist runs through the woods with four men on his tail he replays the situation that got him here. Not killing his target, a political scumbag silently on his first attempt caused his location to be revealed. Now out of places to run, he engages the opposition with limited artillery.

Three Arrows, Four Targets -1 copy 1Three Arrows, Four Targets is a short story in every sense of the word. Due to it only being eight pages there is not a lot of time to do anything of real substance on the narrative front. That aside, Mulholland and Malcolm do create a decent action sequence with our ninja friend dismantling his assailants.   

Over all this isn’t a bad short story, but it is hard to drag it through the rigors of the review process.  It has the potential to be something more if done right. If this review has sparked your interest you can check out the book on the web site Short Stories!

Score: 2/5

Writer: James Mulholland Artist: CD Malcolm Check It out Here on Short Stories