Review: TMNT #35

You have got two TMNT stories coming out this week from IDW. It is so tough to just pick one, so do as a turtle do and pick both! TMNT gets very interesting this week. I would say that Hob and Casey are the main focus. We hear nothing about the technodrome which is fitting since no one seems to care but Donnie. Actually we don’t even see Donnie this week at all. At first, I thought we were heading to a Krang blow out, but this issue makes me think that there are more threats than ever on the Turtles. I have to be honest though with this series and confess that I don’t like the art. I got used to it about half way through “City Fall”, but now it is just getting old. I love the story and would never abandon it, but I do wish some more artists could be feature. The Turtles just look so awkward. The cover is so sweet with Slash towering over the cover, but then Mikey looks so weird that I can’t get pass it. The Turtles’ facial expressions are so ugly. I get that teenage mutant turtles probably wouldn’t be attractive, but I’d like for them to be. As I said, I would love some different artist to come in and be featured to give the art some game changers and flare.

That aside, the story is great. Casey is still dealing with his father. Hun is a rough dude, and for Casey not to listen to him and stay in town makes me more nervous for Casey and his life. The Turtles can’t watch over him all the time. Hun and the Purple Dragons are a tight group, so Casey has to watch his back in order to make it through to the next month. I love how much this comic explores with Casey. He has always been one of my favorite comic book characters. He is a huge role in TMNT, as well as, all the other characters. I really have to hand it to IDW for giving all the creatures their big parts. It shows how wide this universe can go and will continue to go with time.

TMNT35_cvr copy 1On top of Casey’s story we run into Hob and Slash. Raph is still on the fence about these two, and I think he should be. I don’t trust Hob either, but it does add another layer of stories to the mix. During “City Fall”, Hob received a gift from Splinter; mutagen. Hob has been doing some of his own experimenting but of course it has gone wrong. Now he has kidnapped a woman recently laid off. We met her last issue. Pretty cool chick, so she may stay around for some more experimenting. Mikey and Raph catch Hob in the middle of all this and need some explanation before things blow up.

As I said, we have two great TMNT stories coming out this month. You better grab both just too be sure. IDW isn’t slowing down anytime soon with this universe, so you have got to keep up. Plus I haven’t mentioned Leo, but something strange happens to him that will be touched upon in the coming issues. I'm not sure if he knows it yet. The comic leaves a lot of his story up in the air so really all we have to do is wait. I think some huge stories will collide soon with the Turtles. Leo will play a huge roll, the Technodrome,  Angel, Casey, and so on. We have got a lot to look forward to TMNT fans, so get ready.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tom Waltz Artist: Mateus Santolouco and Mike Henderson Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/18/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital