Review: TMNT #39

Ok so last issue, Old Hob introduced us to two new mutants he has created. I don’t know exactly how I feel about more mutants coming into the comic, but it was pretty much the only way to go with Hob taking some ooze and Splinter’s blood. Well get ready for Mondo the Gecko and Herman the Hermit Crab. I think most people will automatically like Mondo because he is a lot like the Turtles and has that laid-back punk attitude the Turtles first had too. Herman is more of a soldier from WW II. Although I didn’t know how to feel about these guys, I knew that we needed to dive into these stories right away. So with many mutants out there, it was only necessary to bring in TMNT’s two best buds, Rocksteady and Bebop. It has been a while since these two entered the comic, I almost forgot that they had been there. How can you not get excited when you see these two on the cover with Slash? These two are up to no good, and once again not telling Karai about their plans. They decide to take on the Turtles themselves by knowing of a meet up place for the guys. I am thinking that Karai will also once again be pissed at them for not telling her especially if the Turtles aren’t caught. The comic does come around to the two groups meeting up.

TMNT39_-cvrA-10-15-14We jump a lot in this issue. With so many stories going on it is clearly necessary. I love how when we jump stories, I am not confused about all that is going on. Kudos to Eastman and Waltz for making the story come alive. It is hard to forget about Hob, Leo, April’s father, Casey, and so many more stories. The most pressing story to most readers’ is Donnie’s. He is blowing up left and right because no one will listen to him about the Technodrome. Harold and Angel are about the only two who are helping Donnie. Splinter finally decides to let go of Donnie which will probably be the biggest mistake yet. Even the guys have to deal with Shredder first, Krang is coming… they are coming fast. It would help if all members were focused on the Krang problem. Fugitoid can only delay this monster for so long.

But my favorite part of this comic is Eastman and Waltz slowly bringing back Alopex. Oh and not only are they bringing Alopex back, but she and Angel seem to be forming some sort of friendship. I am so excited for this winter fox to come back into play. She can help the Turtles, as well as, get back on the good side of Raph. Remember, Raph thinks Alopex told on them, but we all know that Raph jumped the gun. Either way, I think Alopex will find a family and continue to be a hero that she is meant to be.

TMNT brought it this week. The action is intense and with all the stories divided, it makes for some interesting plot points and transitions. I wouldn’t miss this new issue… especially if you are a mutant fan.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tom Waltz Artist: Mateus Santolouco Colorist: Rhonda Pattison Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/15/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital