Review: TMNT #4

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 released by IDW written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz is a story of four turtles that were test animals and the rat who takes them in. The issue wraps up one small story line and leaves the door open for a bigger one. I enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more. The story goes Raphael and Casey Jones was out busting up trouble when trouble finds them. Old Hob, the cat that separated Raphael from his brothers, and Hob’s gang are out to get Raphael. Hob brings up old memories for Raphael and how Hob tried to kill him earlier and separating from his brother more than a year ago. Out breaks the brawl. Flashback to the break in Dr. Stockman is trying to assess the damaged and the lost tech and research. Dr. Stockman is worried about asking General Krang for more mutagen when an opportunity present itself for an answer. In the police station April tries to explain the break in to the police that ninjas broke in and stole the stuff. Now moving forward Old Hob wants Raphael dead to take to Stockman. Just when all hope is lost Casey in knock out and Raph is almost knocked out cold here come Leo, Don and Mikey.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles_Ongoing_04_Preview-1The story finishes what was built on the last three issues very well with the search for Raphael. It also set up a larger story which is what I’m really excited for. I enjoyed the book and can’t wait for more this one isn’t the strongest of the four but can still hold its own. Through the four books so far you can see character development and growth and not feeding on nostalgia of the 90’s when The Turtles were at their peak. The story captures and reintroduces it to young and old.

Now to the heart of issue four is the art. The art is great and captures all the action and the story. The art portrays the action and flow from panel to panel. The layout of all the art just helps the flow of the story. There is a few panels I wouldn’t mind having as a poster. Taking a look back you could get most of this book without the dialog which to me is awesome. The coloring fits well to set mood and time of days in the back ground scene. And yes I still love the gritty art style. It all fit together.

Overall issue four fit perfectly with the first three and can’t wait for the rest. It finishes off the small story of Raphael and set the tone for the bigger picture. I look forward to reading more and hope it doesn’t fall off like some of the other reboot cartoons. I recommend it to new readers of TMNT and old fans.

Score: 4/5