Review: TMNT #43 (IDW Publishing)

OK so I have realized this several times over when reading TMNT, but this issue shows us again how massive the TMNT universe is. There are so many players in the game. I thought we would see lots of fighting with Shredder and Krang, but with that comes all the other stories and how they intertwine together. I think all readers can agree that we love this complex universe and how the writers have each month somehow provide us with so many characters but an overall baseline story. I’m impressed. Throughout reading comics, I have found that it is hard to stay with a longer title whether plot, writers, or even money. But TMNT will no doubt always be at the top of my list. Kevin Eastman being along for the ride helps the situation too. Not only do I prefer his cover art every month, but I really wish he would take over some issues. He brings more raw life to the Turtles. But for now, I will have to just be OK with him helping out in the writing department. Along with Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz, Eastman and the others shove a lot at us each month. With a big action issue, sometimes the story gets consumed with action. But TMNT has always had a way of having the characters in an all out grudge match while keeping up a conversation. These dudes are multi-talented. I just love when the characters can shit talk each other and then the plot still moves along with everyone. Splinter is obviously the best at this. I love how he is given a more prominent action role with IDW. He really is the best and Karai doesn’t have a chance.

TMNT43_cvrAThen Old Hob is close to being one my favorites too. He has that bad boy persona but he still cares for others (although not so much in this issue). So even though the big fight is between our two main bad guys, I still like the side fights better. Again, kudos to the writing for giving us side characters that become real stars. Reading the whole issue, I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t seen the Turtles or Shredder in a good chunk of the story.

When we do finally get to the Turtles, Krang, and Shredder, this issue really breaks open some full on action. Fugitoid runs into some trouble with Stockman, why am I not surprised. Stockman is like an annoying mosquito. He pretty much is a life ruiner. He ruins people’s lives. I honestly don’t know where the Turtles will go from here. The comic doesn’t really end any battle. Sure some fighting slows down, but no one is safe. The Turtles aren’t back. Shredder isn’t back. Splinter is with Karai. It’s still in chaos.

So obviously this issue, with all its chaos, is awesome! So many stories coming together with the brilliance of our writers. This issue only reinforces everything I already knew about TMNT from IDW; it totally rocks.

Score: 4/5

TMNT #43 Writer: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, & Tom Waltz Artist: Cory Smith Colorist: Ronda Pattison Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/25/2015 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital