Review: TMNT #45

Let me start this off by saying, I didn’t really think Donatello was dead after the last issue. I thought he just got beaten to a pulp, but was going to recover. Maybe that is me just being stupid, but does any major comic character really die? Not really. So I found out like probably most of you when I read an article saying that TMNT had killed off Donnie. I wasn’t quite sure how to react. There are certain limits that a comic can reach. Once these limits are reached, sometimes it can work out to be one of the most brilliant storylines in history. So when we all read or heard about the death of Donatello last issue, I think a lot of people were pissed. But being pissed is all about a story growing right...? When readers get involved with their characters and then get so attached that when one of them fails we feel it too, is what creating stories is all about. So I was initially mad. Mad that I missed it when reading the issue and mad that Donnie, who is probably the most underrated Turtle was dead. But then I realized what I saw from the beginning, characters never really die.

TMNT45-cvrAYeah I am going to spoil some stuff from this issue. One because I sort of need to and two because the internet already has. And if you can’t tell, I am little annoyed with this newest issue. Starting from the beginning, the issue has two artists on hand. Mateus Santolouco does the art with the present day Turtles, but we actually start in a purgatory place with Charles Paul Wilson III. His art is a lot different in that it is very soft, which makes sense for the whole atmosphere. One big thing that you will notice is Donnie’s maskless face. It is always a little weird to take away their masks, but it served a great purpose. This is Donnie at his weakest moment, so to make it so soft and natural only adds the emotions of the readers and other characters. Plus having dual artists really speaks to the audience on a whole other level.

Besides for the art, the issue sort of sucked. Yeah we jump around to Casey and to Karai, but let’s face it, our big story is Donnie so we’re wondering what will happen to Donnie. Well, even though his mother is on the light side of purgatory, Splinter enters this place to take Donnie to the dark side. And if that doesn’t sound bad, I don’t know what does. I just have a bad feeling about this. The whole moment where Donnie chooses seems rushed. It almost felt like once Splinter found him, he kidnapped him back to life. This is one of the main reasons why I disliked this issue. Splinter came across as a selfish asshole. That is not the Splinter we know. Even when his grudge with Shedder was at maximum level, he still sided with Donnie. It felt wrong.

Then on top of Splinter being out of character, Donnie comes back to life as Metalhead. They have literally put his thoughts into Metalhead. Now Donnie is a robot looking like a turtle. What?! I never thought that my run on TMNT would come to an end, but I am disappointed with this. Again, it just doesn’t fit. Not only do I think Donnie would have picked death, not only do I think Splinter would have picked death for him, but no ninja turtle is supposed to be a robot.

Say what you will. Maybe some people will love it, but for me I’m out.

Score: 2/5

TMNT #45 Writer: Tom Waltz Artist: Mateus Santolouco & Charles Paul Wilson III Colorist: Ronda Pattison Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/29/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital