Review: TMNT #5

I know this is late thanks to my busy holidays, but I have to ask a question here if you are not reading this comic then “Why not?” This book stands alone and ties in with the previous four. Yes the series is that good if you can’t tell by what we have been saying since the beginning and why its one of the best of the year for us. This story is centered on Splinter and a story of Japanese folklore. Splinter is roaming the streets looking for some gifts for the turtles and avoiding Hob’s goon which are still on the lookout for The Turtles and Splinter. He then goes into the story of Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki. Both part of the Foot Clan and how each divided and part ways. Hamato Yoshi left the clan because of what Oroku Saki was turning it into. They were first going in to assassinate the lord of the castle and then Saki ordered to kill everyone in town. This act pushed Yoshi away and made him a traitor in Saki's eyes. Saki and the clan plan to kill Yoshi’s family to send him a message. Yoshi made it home before they got to his sons but it was too late for his wife. Honoring his wife’s wishes Yoshi fled instead of taking revenge and fled with his four young boys.

IDW-TMNT-05_Cover-A_richThat’s the main story but there is the other part. Casey is getting talked to by his coach to bring up his grades to stay on the hockey team. At the same time April is putting out a flyer for being a tutor. Which sets up their paths crossing maybe?

The story is good and keeps up the quality being put out already because this sometimes can become a trap book. Bridge books can hurt some series because they are filler and have no substance to them. I enjoyed that it stands alone by itself which a lot of comics can do but don’t always in a series. The story of Yoshi and Saki is very captivating and definitely the main focus of the book but there is so much more. The story between Yoshi and Saki can be a miniseries in itself and I wouldn't mind reading it either even though you know how it ends.

Now to the amazing part, the art is wonderfully drawn and wow! What can I say just very detailed to tell the story too. Each character drawn had its own uniqueness. And the colors in the story between Yoshi and Saki were very traditional of Japanese silk screen folklore story. It also captures all the action that is involved in the story.

Again I ask “why haven’t you picked this book up yet?” I say it’s a must have and a great point to pick up because the new story line is about to start.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz Artist: Dan Duncan Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99