Review: TMNT: Casey & April #1

Anyone who is a TMNT fan can say that Casey jones is their favorite human character in the series. Who doesn’t want to wear sweatpants all day while still fighting crime? Casey has always had this rough attitude that fits perfectly with Raph’s. This comic is taking Casey into a whole new way and having April come along for the ride. I have to say that I like it when things get switched up. Not making Casey the typical tough dude, but instead having April co-lead with him and having the plot surround their relationship could make for a great spin on these two. With help of the cartoon, Casey and April are now becoming big members of the team, so I think it is only fair that we dive into their lives more exclusively. Casey and April are off to investigate a big problem. Someone has got to do, so why not these two. I little road trip will do them good right? From the moment your eyes grace the cover, I think most readers will agree that Casey and April look different. Not just their outer appearance but the inner. Mariko Tamaki brings a new approach to their personalities. Casey is way more moody than he is in the newest rendition of him. Although Casey has a violent history, he has always been sensitive to April and more than willing to do anything for her. I got the vibe that he was annoyed with her and just wanted to be alone. For instance, their first conversation April is asking a lot of questions and clearly trying to feel more secure about going out on their own. Casey gives very short answers all the while staring out the window like he has someplace better to be.

TMNT_CnA01_cvrThen April, who I like to think of as strong independent smart and again willing to do anything for her family, seems to be insecure about every decision she is making. I don’t ever think of her as insecure.

Clearly finding the Rat King and solving this mystery is going to keep this plot moving forward, but the real layer, the layer that we are interested in is the survival of the relationship. I’m not sure how I feel about Tamaki’s new view. It is way different and we barely got our feet wet with this first issue.

Love the art by Irene Koh. It has a Japanese anime feel to it but it is not overbearing if that’s not your thing. You can tell she takes time with every panel and doesn’t rush even when they’re our side characters or backdrops that no one cares to look at. But what I really love is her rich facial expressions. Again, this all goes back to Casey’s attitude and April’s doubt. You can read it on their faces. They speak to you without speaking to you.

I will definitely be taking another stab at Casey & April. Tamaki has a lot more to say and these two lovebirds have a lot more do. So if you are looking for a change up of TMNT and love the human aspect, go for this comic. It offers some insight into two of my favorite comic characters.

Score: 3/5

TMNT: Casey & April #1 Writer: Mariko Tamaki Artist: Irene Koh Colorist: Paul Reinwand Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/17/15 Format:  Mini-Series, Print/Digital