Review: TMNT Micro - Hun #6

These villain micros are as good as the TMNT comic. I can’t get enough of this. The comic really adds such elements to the series. I thought after Karai the series would go into a runt; never being able to get out until the last villain’s issue was out. But I was so wrong. With each new villain that micro becomes my favorite. Having this extra comic is like the salsa on top of a burrito; it adds the kick so you never forget what you’re eating. Making Hun Casey’s dad sets the perfect tone for their relationship. I mean Casey already has a rough life. I have a feeling he may bond with his dad before seeing the truth about him. Obviously, in a perfect world Hun would give up his title for Casey, but let’s be real. I guess now what I am wondering is how far Casey will go to punish his father for turning Hun once again. Shredder, along with Leo, manipulates Arnold into going back to the Purple Dragons. Having Leo be in these micros is a huge pull. It extends the “City Fall” story into these other comics and I think that needs to recognized.

TMNT_Micro_Hun-pr-1Once again, our villain is narrating the story from an AA meeting. He waters down his version to the audience while we watch the true story unfold. You can really tell that he knows he messed up with Casey which is heartbreaking. I just don’t think he realizes that if he left Casey alone instead of disappointing him all the time Casey would be better off. Arnold goes to visit his son in the hospital; this is all after he has joined back with the Purple Dragons in order to ultimately serve Shedder. Hun is totally ripped, from the assistance of his new friends, gets a new hairdo and suit, and also comes with a gift for his soon. The present is a real gift of the magi sort of thing. Hun is just a totally new person and it we will have to see how Casey sees him after all this.

Ian Herring’s coloring for this issue is perfect. You can see hints of purple all throughout each panel. It gives us that vibe of despair the whole time. You know something bad is going to come of this, but you can’t quite tell why. I think it is the dark coloring and playing with those purples. Like the Dragons are always lurking over Hun. And I have to give credit to Mike Henderson for his art. The way Leo turns his head back to say “They’re not my family” gave me the creeps. It captured everything about Leo’s transformation.

I just adore this series. The Purple Dragons are coming back into our world of comics. With so many bad dudes in store “City Fall” can only get better. Oh and guess who the villains are for next issue…..Bebob and Rocksteady! Oh yeah we will have fun with these guys for sure.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Mike Costa & Ben Epstein Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/11/13