Review: TMNT – Micro-Series #3: Alopex

I’ve always had a thing with villains. I think most people have at least one villain that they sympathize with and always want more background story as to what made this villain. So I dig the whole TMNT universe giving us these specials. And I have to say this is the first villain I actually cared for. Probably because she has a story that I understand. She has a tortured past and on top of that, being turned into a mutant. Alopex starts with no family and no belongings until she finds hope in the Foot. The art was amazing for this comic. I love Ross Campbell’s flowing art work. I glide through the comic pretty easily and the rich colors make the perfect image. When reading this issue, I felt like the art was filter through Alopex eyes. The swift movements and only bold colors standing out captured my mind. I don’t think I have read a comic that came through the characters eyes so clear before. I didn’t feel like I was reading my interpretation of the surroundings but Alopex. It was a pretty cool experience.

TMNT_Aloplex-pr-2We pretty much follow Alopex on a mission with Shedder. She follows this man like a religion. This is her family, but Alopex isn’t shy to mention how she is the master’s favorite. She knows she can stomp some ass, therefore she takes on more reasonability than the other Foot members. Alopex starts by following some shady members to see what they are up to. She feels this is practice to help her take down the Turtles eventually. Clearly these missions build angst with the other members.

Afterwards is where the real story picks up when Shedder and she go on a mission to Alaska. This is where Alopex is from and she must now face her past life. She thinks it is a test put on by Shedder, but what she doesn’t know is the degree of the test. And yes there is a battle..small..but still a battle between Shedder and her. It isn’t so much the physical battle between them but the crazy eye that Alopex gets that excites me.

The story went by quick. All of these villain one shot have but in this case I craved more. The last few lines we read from Alopex is crazy! She is in for a rough future.  I hope the ending leads to a story in the TMNT comic. It can’t leave me wondering like that. Alopex could certainly have some interesting stories between her and Shedder involving her own vendetta. In my opinion, this has been my favorite villain background yet. Next is Karai which I think will be just as interesting; women always are.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brian Lynch

Artist: Ross Campbell

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/17/13