Review: TMNT: New Animated Adventures #1

These covers are ridiculously cute! You must check out all of them. There is one where the Turtles are just babies with their ninja shadows in the background and I may have to go out just to purchase that cover. If you are a fan of the Nickelodeon show then this comic fits right in with that. It is pretty easy to jump onto the comic if you don’t watch the show but for kids and for the sake of being cool; you should do both to fully understand the greatness of this adaptation. I love how they made April a teenager. She is pretty bad-ass and kicks butt way more than those stinky boys. It really allows for her to have more action. She is training to be a ninja. Splinter sees much potential in April’s skills but mostly her smarts. You have to watch the show to understand the connection that her and the rat have. Donnie has a huge crush on April, which the other Turtles love to pick on him for. Donnie has a gap tooth as well, and I have to say adds to his charm. In this issue, the two decide to sneak into a junk yard to steal some equipment. April is undertrained, so Leo thinks it is a bad idea. Donnie takes her anyway in hopes of it turning into a date somehow. Of course it is a huge mistake and the two get in way over their head. Donnie calls Leo, and the others must rescue the duo.

TMNT_NewAdv-01-pr-1Mikey is the most loveable character out there. I said it. I am not taking it back. He cracks me up, and I even found myself laughing out loud during this comic. He and Raph fight...a lot but it only leads to better jokes. Plus, they gave Mikey freckles on his checks…precious. Okay it is official that I will force my kids to watch this show and read all the comics. It will be our religion and we shall spend all Sundays practicing in this ritual of Turtle obsession. That is why I capitalize Turtle because they are Gods.

The only thing that is weird about this comic is that it doesn’t offer anything more than the show. The stories are little side line guys. If they are going to have it play off the show completely then give me stories that will allow me to explore more of the show with. I have noticed that a lot of children’s books do this when based off shows or a movie. The story is only face value which is cool and all but why not offer something kids can talk about and be knowable on. Maybe this is my teacher side coming out.  Anyway, the comic is a fun read and these characters bring such a good light on the Turtles in spite of all the bad Turtle themes heading our way.  It may be my favorite thing yet.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kenny Byerly

Artist: Dario Brizuela

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/10/13