Review: TMNT – New Animated Adventures #19

This issue contains two stories. The first 'the flavor of fear' opens with the turtles out hunting for the krang until Mikey sees a new pizza restaurant (you know our boy Mikey wants some of that). When the rest of the turtles aren't paying attention he decides to sneak off to get some pizza. He gets caught by Raph who lets Mikey go as long as he promises to bring him back a slice (Love the brotherly love between Raph and Mikey). While he's away Leo, knowing how much his brothers wanted pizza, snuck off and got one. They all munch down and we find that something is wrong with those pizzas. Mikey discovers an old nemesis from the show (do you remember him?). We'll have to find out how Mikey saves his brothers and beats the bad guy next issue.

TMNT_Animate19_cvr 1-21-15The images in this story are quite good, most notably when the turtles are getting twisted visions from the funky pizza. The mascot costumes feel a little flat (then again they are costumes, something just doesn't look right with them). The reveal of the bad guy is what the issue is all about, if I was younger I would definitely have traced/copied that image.

The second story sees Mikey getting super-excited about a water park advertised on tv. Leo and Raph point out that people might freak out if they saw giant turtles going down the slides. Donatello figures out that the sewer they live in is a water park (lets just assume like we always do with the turtles that there's only clean water in the sewer). They accidentally stumble upon the Fishface and the Footclan. They fight while going down the sewer-water-slide.

The story is fun and energetic. Filled with lots of dynamic shots and action. Mikey, as always, steals the show with some of the best lines. However they are all drawn well and have a good panel or two. This is a great fun read with one of the bad guys from the show that I've looked forward to seeing again.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Landry Q. Walker and Caleb Goellner Artist: Chad Thomas and Dave Alvarez Colorist: Heather Breckel Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/21/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital