Review: TMNT – New Animated Adventures #7

With issue seven, we come in with some high action and lots of jokes. Surprisingly, the jokes are what kept me interested in this comic. Sometimes young comics try to push lame ideas, but TMNT does it with style. It is more like banter between brothers which I think all audiences can laugh at. Each month, it seems that TMNT focuses on two stories and particularly one Turtle. This week they have decided to focus on Mikey and Raphael's relationship.  I love how the new show and the comic have spent some time honing in on these two. Not only are they my favorites, but their love/hate comedic conversations makes it that much more fun. Mikey and Raph want to see the new Legendary Steel Fist 2 coming out. Problem is the movie is only in theaters. Mikey comes up with this great plan to sneak into the theater. Raph is only going along to see Mikey when he is thinking hard.

The other Turtles are doing their own thing. Donnie is out with April, while Leo is surveying the city. Both run into trouble. Donnie finds his way into a fight with the Purple Dragons and Dogpound. Of course he is trying to be the hero so April will notice him. Leo, to me, gets into more trouble when Karai runs into him. If you don’t watch the show, these two have a “thing” going on. It is an unspoken thing, but Leo has the hots for this chick. I don’t blame him, because she is pretty bad-ass.

TMNT_Animated_07-pr_Page_1You can’t help but get sucked into the art of this series. It has a lot of fun being based in New York City.  We pretty much owe Domino’s pizza, skateboarding, video games, and comics to these guys anyway. So I do commend this series on the appeal to young readers. If you are trying to build a comic for the younger generations, definitely build off the style from this one. I did love how the story line flowed in this issue too. Probably out of all the issues, it has done the best job of separately bringing in all the Turtles.

Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph all eventually cross paths. Donnie brings his problems, aka Dogpound, to the theater in order for the other guys to help him. How Mikey and Raph sneak into this theater will bring some laughs out of young readers as well. Leo also crashes the party, but not before having some interaction time with Karai. The whole issue wrapped up nicely. Although I have been bugging on this series, it still has some good points. I would never call this an all-ages title, since the plot is very basic. Hopefully, I can corrupt some kids into reading it though!

Score: 3/5

Writer: Brian Smith Artist: Chad Thomas Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14