Review: TMNT - Utrom Empire #3

I’ve said from the beginning that the Turtles next stop would be Burnow Island, and with the last TMNT issue leaving Northampton, you have got to jump on Utrom Empire… like now. This is one of those micros where small shits hit the fan, but if you don’t keep up with it you will miss the biggest load ever. It will spray everywhere and you mustn't hide, but embrace the fan. Utrom Empire, if you didn’t get my metaphor, is an all-out awesome micro that is leading up to some pretty interesting climaxes when the Turtles’ issue finally gets to the technodrome. Again, the issue floats between past and present. #3, for some reason, was a tad hard to keep track. But I think that is because you get so into each story, you want it to be the present.  Let’s first hit up the past. Krang is all over the place getting his race all set to be bottled up in their ooze. Like last issue, you sort of feel for this dude. I mean his race is ending, and I think some would do the same thing in order to ensure their people living. Fugitoid acts as our conscious. He understands Krang’s struggles even though he wasn’t there from the beginning. I really do love this robot. He has great planning skills and isn’t just the nerdy scientist. He is starting to use Krang and Stockmen for his advantages. Although that makes him sound evil. I should say for the good of the world advantages.

TMNT_UE03_cvrAFugitoid is from the present though. In this day, Krang is still trying to save his people. It is a never ending battle that has caused Krang to lose his mind. I mean he sees no other option than his people living; his people ruling. Plus with his braves that he brought last issue with almost dying trying to save to protect his people makes you wonder if anyone in this series is as committed as Krang is to his race.

Kog isn’t in the issue much, but he didn’t need to be. The Turtles are in the issue more than any other so far. That is why I think they are getting closer to bring the Turtles onto the island. By the way, I haven’t talked much about the art with this series. Andy Kuhn is more of a rough drawer. I dig it for the series. It gives it that alien feel. What I love is his drawings of the Turtles. I couldn’t get into with a whole series because the Turtles need depth, but man I really do like it. His art makes each character look ready to rumble. It helps to showcase the issue as a micro. OK but what I really love the most is April. I mean dude she looks so badass in Kuhn’s style. I am not really digging April’s look in TMNT. Like others, I picture her as the 80s character and no one else. I wish they would model more off of that. Kuhn does exactly this. She still has the short hair which is cool, but looks older and more newscaster ready.

If you never got into Krang and his history, now is the time to jump onto this wagon. Paul Allor offers up a good story about Krang’s history intertwining it with some present components. It is a great mash-up that should be coming home with you each month.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Paul Allor Artists: Andy Kuhn Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14