Review: Today’s Hero #1

The best thing about indie comic books is it that you never know what you are going to really get. When a book called Today’s Hero popped up, I assumed one thing and get another. In a suburban home, Jake sits in front of his television ready to “punch his clown” when he is interrupted by a telephone call. On the other end is Ms, Caldwell, an insurance agent that is investigating his workers compensation.

Now frantic, Jake has to live up to his claim. Which was him missing his arm from the elbow down. So before the agent arrives at his home Jake must live up to his claim and the only way he knows how is to take care of it himself.

I’m not going to lie; Today’s Hero is a comic that won’t be for everyone. It will lead to a lot of head scratching for most but for me I just wanted to know more. I assume Jake has some sort of regeneration power, did Jake’s desire of beating his dick and doing nothing all day lead to his consent insurance hustle, which I think would work once.

coveref6312My only grip is that I know that there is a cool premise around Jake in his world with the death of the US’ only superhero, General Freedom; the government must recruit candidates through reality television. The book doesn’t tell you that so it’s a little confusing as to what’s going on. Perhaps with that introduction it would have aided to the overall narrative for the reader.

Steve Wameling’s art does its job and seeks away with some great panels. Especially the build up to the time when Jake is to figure out what to do with his arm.

Paul LaPorte and VA Comics label have more than an interesting thing going on here with Today’s Hero and I for one would really like to see more, a lot more. The very thing that put me off from the book (being thrust into the story with no explanation whatsoever) was the very same thing that sparked my interest. But doing that might not always translate for everyone.

If this book sounds like something that’s up your alley then buy a copy so we as comic fans can get another issue.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Paul LaPorte

Artist: Steve Wameling

Publisher: VA Comics

Price: $2.99 Digital

Release Date: 8/01/13