Review: Tomb Raider #15

This months issue of Tomb Raider was a strange one. Not only because it deals with the old South American 'myth' of the chupacabra, but because the character voices feel a little off. So we begin this leg of the journey somewhere in South America with our group interviewing the locals about chupacabra. Tomb-Raider-#15Someone made a weird choice to not localize the dialect. Does this mean that the locals in a rural south American country speak perfect English, or does it mean that Lara speaks fluent Spanish and so we get her mind's translation. Either way without an explanation it just feels odd.

The pictures are as always the best part of this book, except the cover. Not that the covers look bad but they rarely have anything to do with the internal story. In some panels Lara’s dimensions are a little off. But you can still easily tell it's her. There's a great full page of Lara fighting a crocodile, because she is awesome.

Unfortunately and this maybe because my cynicism was higher than usual when I read this issue, but I felt I had to suspend my disbelief a lot. Last issue pushed hard but it had the mystical elements that kept it grounded within its own reality. This issue there is nothing mystical to fall back on we just have to believe that the characters would do, and are capable off doing, some strange things.

The Las Serpientes are still an unknown factor, hopefully we will get to meet them next issue and find out what it is they are after. Right now their plans are hard to guess at. It seems like they have lured her there, through one of those long-convoluted very luck based plans, that bad guys use. Or maybe they just know who she is and it's a happy coincidence that she showed up. I'm not sure but whatever happens I'm looking forward to seeing how this arc will tie in to the next game.

Score: 3/5

Tomb Raider #15 Writer: Rhianna Pratchett Artist: Derlis Santacruz Colorist: Michael Atiyeh Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 4/22/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital