Review: Tomb Raider #17

Holy crap, did you see the E3 Rise of the Tomb Raider? I am so excited for that game now and in turn re-energized about this comic. One of the big motivating factors to read this comic is that it will connect the two games. It's always nice to get that little bit of extra information or canon. Obviously we open with Not-Grim who turns out to not be Grim. Okay I'm gonna let you figure this out, there's a guy who looks exactly like a guy we know is dead, that we are being led to believe is not dead, who is he? if you said identical twin brother (that we've mysteriously never heard about) you would be correct. I did not dig this plot from the beginning, we already had a return from the dead story with Alex, we didn't need another one. It also devalues Lara's intelligence, she called the sister to let her know Grim was dead, how did she avoid finding out about an identical twin. Even if we let that go how come the rest of the crew don't know?

Tomb-Raider-#17The rest of the issue is spent on Lara and Not-Grim escaping. Lot's of questionable tactics get employed, like wrapping a snake around a metal bar and getting it to constrict to bend the bar. The majority of the issue is fairly standard with nothing particularly memorable. however things get good at the end when Lara is reunited with her friends. The final panel in this issue makes you want to read the next one.

I'm not really sure how they are gonna wrap up everything neatly to be shuffled into the next game. Will the next issue relegate this series to the non-canon half of my brain, or will it become the connective tissue that makes me feel more in the know?

Score: 2/5

Tomb Raider #17 Writer: Rhianna Pratchett Artist: Derlis Santacruz Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital