Review: Trainwreck

Written by guest contributor Cameron Gallagher

So…This review is going to be kind of short. So after the insane amount of raving about this movie that I saw on social media and critic sites, I had to go see the film for myself! During the early scenes within this film I suddenly realized what I was about to watch… The “Amy Schumer Ramble Comedy “Show. I don’t like to hate on movies ever. Filmmaking is an amazing art that is very difficult. No matter how small or large the movie it takes massive amounts of work, and I commend ANYONE who does that. But, this film was horrible. I am in complete shock at the public and critics reviews of this movie. This film on Rotten Tomatoes is actually higher Trainwreck-posterthan Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2 (which I thought was hilarious) and even did better than Furious 7. Now I’m not saying these are Oscar winning films, but by the looks of Trainwreck you would think it would be one of these movies!

Trainwreck probably is one of the longest comedies I’ve ever seen. This movie is 100% Amy Schumer BANTER. One of the things I love about comedies is clever writing and witty jokes. This film is filled with “taking things so far until they become funny” but it’s failure is that none of it was funny. I was honestly very disappointed in Bill Hader’s performances as well.

One of my biggest issues with this film is in its morals. This movie is vulgar too. So many obnoxious, over the top, not sexual jokes, but honestly disgusting jokes. My wife and I could not believe people were laughing in the theater. Amy Schumer didn’t write this to be a through provoking film, or sentimental, this film was solely written for Amy Schumer to babble on until people think it’s “funny” and to market it that way. I was incredibly disappointed in the entire movie! This film definitely gets 1/5…But, don’t take my word for it, go watch it yourself and tell me what you thought!

Score: 1/5

Director: Judd Apatow Writer: Amy Schumer Studio: Universal Pictures/Apatow Productions RunTime: 124 Minutes