Review: Transformers - Autocracy #1

Transformers, growing up were the most coveted toys and one of the biggest series every boy watched in the 80's. Now some of us have been pretty disappointed in the recent things coming out: TV, movies, toys and comics. I believe this is a glimmer of hope to maybe bring “the spark” back to Transformers. Autocracy is going to be a bi-weekly 8 page digital comic put out by IDW. Cybertron before the War, he is being built for a purpose. Feeling better than before, but his spark feels dimmed. Orion Pax has one purpose: to up hold the law and end the epidemic of... terror. Torus City, Orion follows a lead with his other officers; Bumblebee, Ironhide, Prowl and Hound to a weapons dealer who has been selling to Megatron. There Orion and the other bust in on Swindle and his operation to arrest him and take him to trial. A battle breaks out and so does the smashing, crashing, fist flying and all ends in a big explosion. But somebody is watching.

Transformers_Autocracy_1_Cover_1377721115Okay, I’m going straight to the art and say you can judge this book by its cover. Its defining and captures the mood of the story. It’s gritty and makes it feel that you are on the wrong side of town and Orion looks powerful which he should. The characters are recognizable even though they are in their Cybertron form. You can see and feel the destruction of the battle. The art is just awesome and what Transformers needs.

The story is rather capturing and dark in ways. Orion Pax is powerful and just made for one purpose to uphold the law. The Autobots are shown as a ruling class that has oppressed others to uphold order. It just shows a different side of the Autobots/Decepticon story and how it progresses to the war. The story set the mood before all out war and clashing that is about to come.

This is the story that has so much potential to bring back the old fans that have disappeared. It doesn’t feel watered down. The art goes well and sets up mood, grittiness and power. This is a good start in the right direction after Hollywood took over. It’s even better because it doesn’t take place with the other two books releasing. I would definitely read the first issue but its digital so you won’t find it at your local shop. Let’s hope this stays strong and finishes as well as it starts.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille Artist: Livio Ramondelli Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $.99 Release: January 18, 2012