Review: Unfollow #7

A few months ago I reviewed Unfollow #4 and was blown away. The series is now up to issue #7 and let me just say, it’s going strong. Going into this book I had no expectations at all, but after one issue I was hooked. After seven issues I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

In case you missed it, Unfollow is about a dying internet mogul who decides to give his money away to 140 random people around the globe, they just have to come to his island to claim it. The catch is if you die your share of the billions gets divided between the remaining 140, so your death is incredibly lucrative to the other chosen. Obviously, things go awry, and what seems like a benevolent act turns into The Most Dangerous Game. Of course writer, Rob Williams, wasn’t content with leaving it at that. After an “accident” on the island leaves one of the 140 dead the remaining Chosen are flown home, with their winning money, of course. Now the hunt is opened up from the confines of an island to the entire globe. Williams’ decision to break from the traditional tropes of the “human hunt” genre was a great choice. Now instead of getting what we expected, a bloody Hunger Games type scenario, everything is turned on its head.

Unfollow-7Since the Chosen departed the island a few issues back, each individual issue has been focused on a single character and their life after they became incredibly rich. Unfollow has been a character driven story from the start, and these latest issues are no different. Williams gives us rich characterization and shows us that money definitely can’t solve all your problems, but it does make people notice you. Issue #7 follows Courtney Redford, who was already famous before she was one of the 140 for being kidnapped as a teenager. Obviously, this is something that haunts her still, and it shows, her life is kind of fucked up. Her father paid $20 million for her safe return but didn’t do the same for her step-sister, who she didn’t even know existed until they were both kidnapped together. This memory resurfaces multiple times throughout the issue, as Courtney does everything in her power to push it away. Against her bodyguard’s wishes, she does not lay low, and takes in the spotlight, enjoying her fame and riches. Despite being a huge target due to her status as a Chosen 140, Courtney manages to get her own reality TV show and become a massive celebrity. At first, Courtney was depicted as the spoiled rich girl stereotype, but Williams gives us some insight into her dark past, developing her into a tragic character, and giving us some reason to care about her. 

With so many characters floating around (presumably about 136 we have yet to be introduced to) it was a wise choice to change the artist from issue to issue. Artists Marguerite Sauvage’s art is a perfect fit for Courtney’s rampant lifestyle. Her style is slightly reminiscent of Bruce Timm; cartoonish but only slightly so. The constant shifting line-up provides a change in tone every issue, perfect for the massive line up of characters to come. Unfollow #7 doesn’t provide the suspenseful thrills that the earlier issues pulled off so well, but it is obvious that Williams and company are playing a long game. This series is well paced, allowing us plenty of time with each character, which will make their inevitable deaths all the more painful to watch. Unfollow is still one of the most exciting series on the shelves right now, and definitely worth picking up. 


[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Unfollow #7 Writer: Rob Williams Artist: Marguerite Sauvage Publisher: Vertigo Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/4/16 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital