Review: Unleashed #1

Okay let me first say that any superhero who can wear glasses while in full battle adds to my list of insanely awesome people who wear glasses. Sela shows us how cool it can be to look like a nerd and also beat up on some vampires. Unleashed is another release apart of the Grimm Fairy Tales from Zenescope. The story started a little shaky for me. The Being, reminding me of Lord Zedd, has opened the Shadowlands. The Being is so powerful Zeus and his family has decided to stop him at once. The beginning happened so fast that I didn’t know how I would feel about the comic. It seemed wasted when we got to the real heroes. Sela, Belinda, and Van Helsing are the true stars that made me adorn this opening comic.

Samira is The Being’s second in command. She craves freedom and a place where she can live with no fear of the sun. The story still jumps around between all interesting characters. The story starts to come together and I can see the attraction to this Grimm comic. Sela and Shang met up in order to stop a wave of vampires on earth. The fight scene is short but dynamic and only makes me think that once the comic gets rolling these scenes will amplify into perfection. Van Helsing wears her Mad Hatter hat with pose. Who else can attach holsters to their fishnets? I will tell you, Van Helsing can. I am wondering why Kate Beckinsale hasn’t done this in one of her movies yet…?

The two chicks run into The Being while fighting. He clearly holds a lot of power and can’t be matched by just a single person. He asks Van Helsing what it was like to be left behind by Sela in the Shadowlands. This leads the reader to a footnote telling us to pick up the new issue that explains this story. The teaser was well placed and will make any reader want to pick that issue up. Belinda has to come save the girls. The Being even mentions to Samira how Belinda has great strength. He then deflects the idea of her ever taking him on though. Clearly he is underestimating the power of her. We jump to the realm of the Keepers. One of them is scared because she cannot see into earth and fears there is a power that will eventually control all.

The Being has strong potential to be a great bad guy. For me most times the story works when the villain scares us. If the fear is real the story is better. I saw some sparks of magic in him, so I will keep reading this series to find if he lives up my expectations. If not I will take more Sela in her Clark Kent glasses and will still be satisfied.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artists: Carlos Paul, Jacob Bear and Miguel Mendonca

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/24/13