Review: Usagi Yojimbo - Senso #6

So before the end of this series, issue 5 had a lot of deaths. It is expected but since almost none of the deaths were shown in the comic, it was a shocker to find it all out in conversation. But I was ready to move on. These Martians have caused too much trouble and it is about time that a solid plan was set and Usagi won his lady too! Takenoko shows off his invention which just may have the trick to take down these aliens. It is a giant sized Usagi...and I love it! Maybe this machine isn’t suppose to be cute, but come on guys, it is adorable in that rip your head off kind of way. Clearly, the readers are all anticipating a fight between the huge alien ships and Usagi Gundam, the robot. A perfect way to set up the last issue of this mini series. You know it is going to be high action and the story delivers in every way possible.

24907The last Walker has made it to the capital, Edo. Right away we are knee deep in capital trouble. Jotaro and Tomoe are trying to get everyone out of the city, but the Walker clearly has plans to destroy everything in its sight. I love this opening because the reader really dives into the intense fighting and without a doubt builds up the chaotic events. Plus not only do I want Usagi to be with Tomoe once and for all, but his son, Jotaro, who believes his father to be another, hopefully finds out the truth too. Although a couple of reviews ago, I thought it wise to keep this secret, but with all the craziness going on, Usagi needs to tell the truth before something really bad happens.

Back to the action, Lord Noriyuki finally decides to let out his machine on the Walker since it is getting very close to the castle. Usagi jumps right in, willing to fight the Walker with little experience in the Gundam. Again, Stan Sakai is building this battle up with a lot of anticipation. It is quite brilliant and doesn’t take long to it. I think a lot of writers want such an intense climax that it takes too long. Sakai does it quickly and ultimately effectively. The battle is no different. It lasts the perfect amount of time, but gives its all. It truly is a great way to end this comic.

I really loved every minute of this comic. It is such a good read and although wraps up the story in a heartbreaking way, you can’t help but love each moment. The fight seen is action packed, as well as, the emotional situations. Sakai gave this everything, and I can appreciate the compelling story that completely unfolds.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Stan Sakai Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/7/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital