Review: V Wars #4

Not going to lie, sometimes these covers freak me out with the realism with some of the characters. When I saw the kids it made me a little sick since there is so much destruction and death in the series. Honestly, I wish Kevin Eastman’s covers were the main covers instead. He captures the mood and distortion of the story. Putting all that aside, V Wars has still entertained me with the old story of vampires. I think they do this by how real the characters are. Everyone’s story matters, and you want to hear everyone’s side. You could also replace the vampires with any minority or the humans with any established culture and get the same story...maybe less blood sucking, but the same story. The story is set up a little different this time with issue four. Professor Swann is in front of some court discussing an incident that went down in Pepper Grove, SC. We then flashback to the incident showing how it all happened. Swann and two other men working for V-8, known for manhandling tons of vampires or bloods, are sent to Pepper Grove. The town is small but has a huge impact because the town is made up of mostly bloods trying to distance themselves from the war. They live a civilized life and just want to be left alone. Very few humans or beats are OK with this idea. Most the bloods are being harassed by the surrounding towns. V-8 gets sent in to protect the bloods.

VWars04-cvrAThis is a huge change from what the guys are normally doing even though Swann agrees with both sides trying to work something out. He usually only pulls the trigger when the bloods are violent. The three men find the fight for Pepper Grove’s rights is harder than just saying some inspiring words to a crowd. And finally with some new bloods showing up, the two sides collide leaving the once hopeful town to see the truth behind this war.

We then get back to Swann at court. He is disgusted by the court, Pepper Grove, and himself. He seems he has lost all hope and just can’t put together the pieces of what happened in the town. The issue again says a lot about war. I know we will jump around with the stories, but I hope we can see Swann too. Leaving him at such a low moment seems to put the readers in the same mood.

V Wars is going to have a lot more to say. And with saying that, it still amazes me that V Wars has only had four issues, because it feels like they have already thrown us so many stories. I know the intensity will only go up. I think my favorite people to follow in the stories so far have been the ones with an ulterior motive. Whether a blood or beat, it goes to show how deep the hatred is. I would love to see one of these guys get turned too from that one beat or blood showing compassion. I mean peace is the goal; I don’t know if we'll ever get there but seeing some progress being made especially with someone working both sides would take V Wars to the next level as well as relate to wars going on now. Whatever the case is, this comic has kept my attention and I think most readers would agree with the entertaining factor that the comic holds over us.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jonathan Maberry Artist: Alan Robinson Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/30/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital