Review: V Wars #5

I am thinking the same thing as you; “what the hell is going on in this cover?” I spoke a little bit about the covers for V Wars last issue, and although I wish that Kevin Eastman would take over, the original covers are creepy and catch the eye of onlookers who aren’t trying to find this comic. Anyone walking through a comic store will catch this cover and have to know again, what the hell is going on. The art inside each V Wars still has plenty of gore, but the story is so much more serious. The characters are more serious which makes you not so much grossed out at the gore but sympathetic for the events taking place. Last issue hit some nerves for me, in a good way, and really opened V Wars up to be a top comic read for my month. If you remember, the town of Pepper Grove had an all-out battle of the land. Bloods wanted to live peacefully there, but the Beats weren’t having it. So finally it all came to a blow up. Although it looked like it could have started peace throughout, Swann takes us back to reality for a moment and kind of left the issue up in the air as to what would result from this blow up. And it is clear that the battle between these two races went dry for a bit... only for a bit.

VWars05-cvrA-659x1000After some huge explosions, it is clear the war is back on, but Swann, finally feeling hopeful, He feels he may not have what it takes to fight this war much longer. Until, she arrives. The Crimson Queen is real, and she wants Swann’s help. The comic was very jumbled when first reading each issue. It seemed like every week I was having to see new characters and read new stories. The stories made sense, but as a whole, it was a little confusing. I didn’t want to get lost within each character, but let me tell you that V Wars has brought it all together. The stories are blending, and I wouldn’t have started the comic any other way. When it works, it works.

Swann and the Queen have a long discussion throughout the comic. Again, not much action, but V Wars doesn’t need much action for there to still be things happening all around you. For instance, Swann’s past comes back in a big way. It would be undermining his story if I said his past was haunting him, because it is just is past and it isn’t just haunting him. Swann has to live with these thoughts every day and never knowing what is happening to his little girl. And because of this, he is on that edge of crazy. I am not saying Swann is crazy, but I truly think that he could be pushed, even if he is the most level-headed character in the story. So when the Queen asks for a favor, he follows. He follows for many reasons, but it all leads to one place; Swann is working for the Bloods to try to find the peace instead of the Beats. A change of events that will keep me reading on once more though this dark story.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jonathan Maberry Artist: Alan Robinson Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/27/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital