Review: Vampirella #3

With Nancy A. Collins’ new look at the classic character Vampirella, a lot has changed and nothing has changed.  Enemies have become allies, allies, enemies, and it’s confusion abound as Ms. V. has to sort through this rather sticky and mazelike web in preparation to face an ultimate and destructive evil that is growing and will be using her as the vessel to unleash hellish wickedness and destruction upon the earth. That’s the short plot. The more extended plot deals with Vampirella having to destroy different types of vampires so she can build in strength and be ready for the fight when the time comes.  Aided by Nosferatu and his luxuries to include a jet (Yeah, bat owns a jet, what of it?), Vampirella has begun her journey of destruction that hopefully will lead to redemption as we move on down the road.

Up first on the hit list…A rather unpleasant and nasty little vampire called a Krasue that is terrorizing small jungle villages in Thailand with her taste for fresh blood and especially the blood of young newborns.  This Krasue is nasty. But when you add to the mix Krasue’s appearance (a head with internal organs attached to include entrails dropping nasty bodily fluids everywhere.  You then realize that this little nasty is really nasty.  All Vampirella has to do is catch her and eat her heart, no problem?

VampiVol2-03-Cov-DodsonI have been real happy with this reboot of Vampirella on this the 45th anniversary of the character.  And, I  believe that writer Nancy A. Collins is perfectly suited for this title as she is not afraid to get her hands dirty in both an emotional and adventurer level.  She does both here in Issue #3 as Vampirella is working toward her objective, but also waging an inner war with the evil inside of her that means to destroy her essence as she prepares to inhabit/inherit the world. It makes for some deep storytelling combined with the action, excitement, and of course, that one piece fighting suit that sets Vampirella apart from all other pretenders.  The lady is real deal and Collins portrays her as such..

Patrick Berkenkotter has likewise been a nice complement to Collins’ writing style with his contrasting light and shadow art.  Vampirella is powerful and vulnerable, sexy and reserved, as well as good and evil all at different times of this tale.  Berkenkotter nails it and leaves you wanting more; especially when you see the elements of this Krasue.  The thing is nasty even if all outward appearances are that of refinement, sophistication, and exploitive classiness (You need to read it to know what I mean here).  Yes, there are certainly a lot of mixed portrayals that add up to one super and exciting issue worth reading and following for future installments.

Dynamite continues to “blow up” their revamp titles with a strong commitment to writers who can capture the essence of previously single dimensional characters and take them to another level.  With Vampirella, Nancy A. Collins adds this substance to a character who is more known for her scantily clad wardrobe instead of her ability.  I think when things are finally said and done here, that Vampirella will be seen in a wholly different and more respectable light, fighting red one piece or not.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Nancy A. Collins Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/6/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital