Review: Vamplets: The Undead Pet Society #1

Littlest Pet Shop meets Emily the Strange in Vamplets- The Legend of the Ghost Pony. I absolutely loved this comic, I can always tell if I'm going to love a series if I can imagine a suitable soundtrack to accompany it. I'm thinking something like pretty girls make graves (the band, not the smith's song). I haven’t read previous Vamplets stuff but I’m definitely on board with this concept. It was adorable and creepy. I think Lydia Deetz would approve of the cute horror content of this issue.

So the Vamplets takes place in Gloomvania, outside the undead pet society. Where a young boy is throwing a tantrum about a ghost pony. Can’t blame him though. What child wouldn’t want one? They are eerie and mystical, the perfect combo for a child’s pet pony.

GP_CVR1A_SM copy 2Anyway, there’s a whole legend about ghost ponies that is revealed in this issue. It is a “horribly sweet tale,” that I’d like to share with you. Ghost ponies are said to be extremely rare and sought after. Most think that they are non-existent but one man riding on the public Baterpillar Express found himself flying through some time warp portal. Once landing he noticed an abundance of ghost ponies and he desired one so.

He jumped on one and hung on for dear life. The ghost pony had a few tricks of its sleeve and transported through all kinds of dimensions in order to get that awful man off. Finally, he lost his grip and before he could pounce back on the pony, it had already disappeared. It is also said that it takes someone very special to be able to see a ghost pony; kind like Luna Lovegood and Harry being able to see Thestrals.

That’s pretty much the legend. It’s cute, right? I think so.

The illustrations are what makes this the perfect creepy cute comic. Every character is worthy of a plushie or their little faces on a mug.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Gayle Middleton & Dave Dwonch Artists: Amanda Coronado & Bill Blankenship Publisher Action Lab Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/23/14