Review: Velvet #4

Velvet captures the true essence of a spy series, and we are only on issue #4 my friends. I am covering for Erik this week, and I couldn’t be more happy to sub-in for this series. It has drawn my attention from day one. There are many different reasons why I am in love with this series, but the most obvious is the throwback style. Spy movies, shows, games, and comics are all around us. What Ed Brubaker does so nonchalant is bring forth the true meaning of spy. It isn’t all this hoopla action we see now, but instead the root of it all belongs to the very act of spying. If you think about it, spying is actually sort of a boring sport, but that is what is so awesome about Velvet. She spies, and within those moments we still are hooked with anticipation of what will come next. Now the comic still has its action no doubts. But unlike most comics, where I crave action in order to keep me interested or because it was promised, Velvet Templeton hits at the perfect moments with small doses. Steve Epting knows how to handle a woman. Her moves, although straying, still seem effortless. Plus this chick has got some very smooth moves.

velvet4-coverVelvet finds herself in Monaco in this issue. She reflects back on her previous mistakes from last issue and just blames her mind going. I hope for her sake that she can keep together. I have a feeling she may have some tricks up her sleeve in case she gets caught, but who knows. Now she is on the hunt for a man named Roman. Again, the layout for this is so cool. We enter the mind of a spy..not literally, and see how Velvet discusses the background information on Roman, all the while putting her costume on.

The best part about this issue is the Carnival of Fools that she must attend in order to get close to Roman. Her outfit is hot, the scene is intense, and who doesn’t love good booze and gambling.

Brubaker has done it again for me with Velvet. I am hooked, and you will be too. And of course like any good drama, we end with an uncertain cliffhanger. I love when comics do this. Even if the series sucks, it keeps the reader wanting more. I have a feeling a lot more reveals are on their way too. I literally feel like I am repeating everything I think Erik would say about this issue or rather the series as a whole. Velvet is just a such a keeper for me. It amazes me how Brubaker can take us into the mind of a spy without actually taking us there. But if I know Brubaker at all, which I don’t but wish I did, his series always get crazier. Jump on now in order to get caught up. I promise it will be a must read from then on.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Steve Epting Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 3/5/14