Review: We Stand On Guard #2

We Stand On Guard #2 continues to deliver on the story it promises and establishes the two factions very well. We begin with American forces plowing a house door down in Manitoba to what seems it’s a completely innocent elder couple enjoying their TV, as they haul them away to some sort of prison camps and it turns out they might not be as innocent as they seemed. It was all a flashback in Amber’s life trying to escape the invading American forces. She comes back to her current situation of still trying to prove herself to the Canadian Resistance she encountered as they’re trying to bring the giant manned robot back to their base. From there we see an American official whose name we do not know, interrogate a prisoner, seeing how little she thinks of the enemy, and at the same time how good she is in the time of strategy when she learns of the robot going offline.

We-Stand-On-Guard-#2Brian K. Vaughan is still on point with his writing and dialogue in this issue. Even when it comes to letting the reader know exactly what it means to be a Resistance rather than just enemy combatants. A lot of stories show you what a resistance would look like then they have this magical plan that gives them an advantage over the overwhelming force against them, so everything will be made ok. We Stand On Guard #2 shows you how impressive the Canadian Resistance resources are with beautiful double splashes by Steve Skroce and Matt Hollingsworth. Those two are pulling no punches when it comes to backgrounds or close ups on the characters’ faces. And as great as it all may look, Vaughan still makes sure that they are still the underdog in this situation. All they have are scraps in comparison to the American forces who seem to have taken full control of the Great White North, and he does this using realistic military strategies and movements, particularly from the Americans. When I thought about it, they’ve done everything they’re doing in this (Google Japanese camps during WWII), so this serves as a good introspective comic for any good ol’ Gringos picking up this comic and a relief for foreigners who’re sick of watching ‘Murica coming to the great rescue at the time of need.

The only problem with it is that it only focuses too much on the world around Amber, I almost forgot what Amber’s purpose is in the whole thing. Regardless of this, she remains an active participant in the story, as she takes action to try and prove herself trustworthy of her newly found brothers and sisters in arms. She’s the one asking all the questions that gives us the exposition we may need for this issue and although it’s a issue with mostly world-building, the problem I mentioned is something that would be solved as a trade read, as the last issue is still fresh in your face or even if you’re walking to your LCS and decide to pick up issue 1 and 2.

So cozy up with a nice touque, a 20 pack of timbits (I miss them so much) and read all about Canada taking on these crazy American hosers, eh.

Score: 4/5

We Stand On Guard #2 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Steve Skroce Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 8/5/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital