Review: Weekly Shonen Jump #15

Weekly Shonen Jump would be worth reading right now just for One Piece and Food Wars, but most of the rest of the lineup is currently killing it too. Ultra Battle Satellite is unimpressive.  The art hasn't improved this week, and for a fighting manga the pace is surprisingly slow.  It would be one thing if it had a complicated premise to introduce, but people beating the shit out of each other in the streets for money is not that complicated.  To be fair, Black Clover sort of blew away the competition this time, despite some of its in-your-face Shonen tropes.  I will miss Cyborg Roggy as a character, but I fully expect for Black Clover to get the nod for serialization in a few weeks.

Weekly Shonen Jump #15 (1)As a big fan of School Judgment, I am really happy to see the artwork and page layouts stay at such a high quality.  Even though some of the other series really have no reason to take advantage of such intricate layouts, it is still really impressive to see the caliber of this series visually, week in and week out.  Unfortunately, I have heard tell that the series is not doing so well in the weekly reviews over in Japan, often placing in the bottom of the survey.  I can understand why: the comedic courtroom series for kids was by far the best of its Jump Start round a few months ago, and has the veteran Obata on board; but court procedurals, as far as I know, have an awkwardly American appeal, and the series is only just now approaching the core of a major arc.

I know it's detrimental to a series to make the creators speed up things to the climax of a major arc--lord knows Naruto would not have made it without being allowed some room to breathe--but I want to see School Judgment stay in Jump.  Despite the fact that it has not yet approached a major narrative arc (only teasing one), it has an incredibly brisk pace, aided by Obata's supreme knack for drawing manga.

AcademiaOne PieceBleach, and Food Wars were all great this week, and Toriko was its usual mess of awkward powers, punching, and ball-grabbing-- yes, this is usual.  Weekly Shonen Jump is killer right now.

Score: 4/5

Weekly Shonen Jump #15 Writers: Various Artist: Various Publisher: Viz Media Price: $0.99 Release Date: 3/9/15 Format: Digital Anthology