Review: Weekly Shonen Jump #2

This week in Food Wars we finally get to see how those goddamn potstickers were. WSJ 2 (2016) cover"WOO!"  That was my reaction in reading the last page of Food Wars this week.  I won't spoil it, but you obviously know it's coming.  The way Tsukuda and Saeki pace the finish here is just so goddamn satisfying that the climax of this shokugeki had me on the edge of my seat without me even realizing it.  This was the first battle in the war for the Totsuki Institute's real identity, and while it was an important one, things are only going to get worse.  I'm very interested to see what other characters factor into the fight (and how) with Soma leading the charge.

Academia continues to hint that the team of kids that fought Stain are on another level than all of their peers due to the encounter.  Horikoshi continues to drop hints that we've only just begun to see the effects that combat will have on these kids.  Meanwhile, he keeps including hilariously pervy depictions of his stand-in character, Mineta.  Mineta's design is great, and in splash panels depicting most of the kids, he's always in the corner doing something ridiculous (this chapter included).  More crazy training is on the way, so some power creep is in store for the students!

Shit gets real in Black Clover after a pretty quick but entertaining fight continues to escalate.  Things in World Trigger have been quiet for awhile, but that doesn't look to be the case anymore.  And Bleach moves from a heavily symbolic fight to a fight that's just... well, heavy.  It was a light issue of Jump this week even with One Punch Man (since it was only less than half a chapter for some reason).  One Piece missing doesn't help things, but I expect next issue to feel a little more full now that big things are happening across a bunch of titles (at least, the titles I enjoy talking about).

Score: 3/5

Weekly Shonen Jump #2 Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: Viz Media Release Date: 12/14/15 Format: Weekly; Digital