Review: Wild’s End #4

So many good comics came out for me this week, but Wild’s End holds a special place. I love the plot movement of this comic. We follow a group of animals searching for the aliens that have recently landed and killed in their town. What makes it so great involves the characters. The group is led by Clive, a stern yet compassionate bloodhound, who demands everyone’s best intentions. He doesn’t show much emotion, which makes him the perfect fit for a leader. Then Susan mimics his actions. She is a fox that again doesn’t where her heart on her sleeve but instead shows it through her actions. I love the team that these two create. WildsEnd04_coverABut the team would not be complete without Peter and Alph. Peter is the rabbit and Alph is the pig, and these two freak out about everything. They reflect how most people would be under these situations. With them in the mix, they make the reader spooked about each turn and event that occurs.

Last issue ended with us and the group seeing a crop field while walking on their path. Not only do they see the field, but they also see Fawkes. We haven’t see Fawkes since the first issue. He was the one who saw these aliens come down first. Plus he is the reason that Clive is out and about; he is trying to find Fawkes. Even though Fawkes is a drunk, I am glad everyone now believes his crazy story. Anyway, so the issue starts out with some pretty intense moments. The group is surrounding by the now infamous clicking noise of the robot aliens. Fawkes helps them to all get out, and the comic calms down a bit.

The majority of the issue surrounds the gang just walking through the woods while they talk about various things, but mostly center around these aliens. They are still trying to get to the local town to make a phone call and settle down a bit. Either way they go, these aliens are just going to follow them, so I have a feeling that this town will not bring them much hope.

As far as a mini series goes, this is one of the best! It is honestly my favorite mini-series that is coming out right now. I love following these characters and seeing the chaos unfold around these seemingly characters in this seemingly normal town. If you are reading this story, you know how I feel. If you aren’t, you need to experience the delight of Wild’s End.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: I.N.J. Culbard Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/10/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital