Review: WinterWorld #1

Winterworld issue one takes place in some god forsaken frozen tundra which could be anywhere in the world as we learn that things have been pretty shitty for quite some time. What I mean by “shitty” is that the world has become a permanent state of winter, hence the title.  Our characters are Scully, Wynn and Rah- Rah. We've seen this kind of paring over and over; Scully is this hard man who has probably has seen too much while Wynn is his young ward that is looking for her parents. Oh and of course they are accompanied by their non-human companion, Rah- Rah. I feel like I am seeing this theme a lot; not that it’s a bad set up but not terribly original, but then again what really is? I have no problem with dystopia themed stories, I typically enjoy them but maybe I am just getting burnt out on them because Winterworld just wasn’t doing it for me. I get that it’s the first issue, and it can be a little rough in the beginning but there wasn’t a lot to go off of.  There always seems to be a challenge to find the right balance of information and dialogue in the first issue; I typically find that I am being bombarded with dry plots but this time around there wasn’t enough. The characters were introduced but there wasn’t much about their history or about the journey they are about to embark on. It was all very vague. All we know really is that Wynn is looking for her family and Scully is taking care of her.

Wiinterworld01_cvr copy 2The characters are likable enough; we do see a little bit more of Wynn’s personality than Scully’s. Also, the fact their pet is a badger is pretty awesome and cute. But for right now, it seems that Winterworld might be a little too predictable for my taste.

I don’t have any have real complaints about the illustrations besides that at times the facial features seem a little inconsistent. Overall though, I think that color palate works well with the winter theme of the story. It gives off that harshness of the cold feeling.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Butch Guice Colorist: Diego Rodriguez Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/18/14