Review: WinterWorld #2

Just as last month WinterWorld opens up to a frozen dystopia and our protagonists are just trying to survive.  I also mentioned last time that it feels like this whole set has been overdone and I’m trying to come into this open minded. But holy poop is it predictable! I mean sometimes that’s alright but in this case its boring. I do think that there was more personality shown in this issue though, not a whole lot, but some. Wynn plays the naïve ward that spends her time reading anything she can find. She even confuses drug contraband with sugar. I think it was attempt at humor but it was a little weak.  We don’t know much about Scully or his personality though. He just seems to be the protector.

Wiinterworld02_cvr copy 2Scully, Wynn and Rah-rah travel to what was previously known as the Panama Canal, where they find that maybe not the whole world is a state of permeant winter.  The issue kind of peaks at this point despite multiple efforts to spice up the plot. So the place they’re trying to go to is called, “ La Nina,” and they think that sounds like an impending trap and guess what it was! It’s so fucking predictable. Anyways, they get caught up in some real bad shit and Scully gets hurt. The issue concludes with Wynn kind of crumbling under the pressure.

I think the ending scene was meant to be compelling and make the reader gasp with anticipation or ya know some kind of reaction. It had potential it really did, but the execution of it was poorly done. I can’t quite place exactly went wrong but the characters aren’t written well enough for the reader to connect to them. When Scully gets hurt, it’s hard to feel anything for him when he’s kind of this blank character.

As far as the illustrations goes, I’m kind of feeling indifferent this time. I like that some of the blue and reds which contrasted against all the black stands out but some scenes feel too dark.  It’s like that third Underworld movie where you can’t see shit or recognize the faces of the characters because all the dark lighting. Not feeling terribly enthusiastic about it but not completely hating it.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Butch Guice Colorist: Diego Rodriguez Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/23/14 Format: Print/Digital