Review: Witchfinder: City of the Dead #2

By Kaleb Herbert

Sir Edward is very similar to the Big Bad Wolf from The Wolf Among Us. They both are misunderstood by those around them, and they both are trying to help people in any way they can. It is quite the resemblance in looks as well in terms of their grittiness and rough exterior. Although both characters have essentially been outcasts within their society, it does not stop them from pressing forward and tackling matters at hand.

This issue did quite a bit to develop a lot of background story. Mignola and Roberson, deliver quite the follow-up to a rather rough start to the series. Diving deeper into the mystery of who the Helioptic Brotherhood is and what they are planning was really the highlight of the issue. There is a lot to be discovered, and Mignola and Roberson are definitely planning something big in terms of future issues. Unsure how the secret society is going to play a factor, but one thing is for sure, there will be a lot of interesting turns to take place. This actually has a similar take on it as Marvels Hydra and Avengers, with a secret group trying to cause havoc while the other is attempting to prevent the other from doing good. Even though there are these similarities, this sets itself apart by including a lot of supernatural based characters and other aspects.

The art that Stenbeck gives is dark, gritty, and gives the reader a little ominous feeling. Stenbeck creates scenes that are fitting to the dialogue and is quite detailed. This is by no means a home run in terms of artwork or dialogue, but considering how the first issue started, this is a big step in the right direction. It is a bit shady whether or not this would pull new readers into it but if you are willing to spend the money and invest the time in this story arc, then it could be something that really takes off and turns out to be great in the future. This is a somewhat unique spin-off on a familiar Sherlock Holmes type story. It will be interesting to see where Mignola and Roberson decide to set themselves apart and create something truly original, but up till this point, there are too many similarities to many other stories that create a barrier when trying to read through the issue.

Score: 3/5

Witchfinder: City of the Dead #2
Writer: Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson
Artist: Ben Stenbeck
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics