Review: WWE Superstars #1

The World Wrestling Entertainment or the “WWE” as the cool kids like to call it, have been on the never ending quest to spread their message of “sports entertainment”, with heavy emphasis being on the entertainment part. Be it in the form of movies, music, books, toys and everything in-between the biggest federation on the planet has now thrown their hat into the comic book ring…again. So get your Ruthless Aggression on reader because we’re going to talk about a rasslin’ comic…kinda. In the heart of the metropolis known as Titian City, John Cena is sitting in a jail cell for a crime that he didn’t commit. On the other side of the cell bars, Triple H integrates Cena on the location of the briefcase containing a million dollars. Something that John knows nothing about. Across town, The Miz interviews two candidates running for city office. They go by the names of Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton. Everything about the interview is going smoothly until the lights go out for a moment and in that instant the place is defaced with a graffiti tag that reads “YES”.

Meanwhile on the streets of Titian City, CM Punk makes his way to The Undertakers tattoo shop. The reason is that the Best in the World is recruiting an army to take back the city from the dastardly likes of Paul Hayman, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Albert Del Rio and Bray Wyatt. But unfortunately for Punk, Taker declines and decides to stay neutral. Now a desperate Punk may look for someone else’s help. Perhaps Taker’s brother…Kane.

Back at the prison, Warden Zeb Colter and his Real Americans take a now free John Cena and escort him out but before Cena sees the bright sunlight of freedom he meets some friends that Randy Orton sent specially for John to meet; a pair of thugs (jobbers) by the names of Hunico and Comacho. Fret not because let’s just say these gentlemen get their attitudes adjusted. Now free, Cena is greeted by his ex-partner Police Officer Christen and possible romantic/double crossing dame, AJ Lee.

WWE05After the interview with The Miz, Orton scolds Ryback for not keeping tighter security and tells him to find out everything that The Miz knows. In the middle of Orton’s fit, Officer Dolph Ziggler wants to find out who is doing all of the tagging and making his life hell. Orton tells “The Showoff” to research one name, Daniel Bryan.

With Cena out of jail he goes on a hunt to find out what really happened to the money but there are a few superstars that want to know the exact same thing. As for Punk, he’s stirring up trouble on the streets by recruiting the likes of the Big Show for his organic revolution but the scum that lurks in the shadows of Titan City are ready to stop him and his band of rebel rousers.

First off let me say this, any comic book and I mean any, ever starts off with the line, “You Can’t See Me” will damn near walk away with a perfect score. When I read that line I laughed so hard because I had no clue what I was in for. But what I got was a comic that took a modern day crime thriller noir sensibility that happens to be coated in WWE product with its storytelling. Here’s the thing, it really works. Wrestling legend, Mick Foley (with Shane Riches) have done a bang up job in taking the current product and roster and plotting them close to the WWE on screen characters. Enough of everyone’s personalities make it into the writing so it’s an easy sell/ Cena being the boy scout/Superman archetypes, Punk being the anti guy.  Not only that but you don’t have to watch weekly shows to enjoy what’s going on in The WWE Superstars comic. Is it overflowing with cameos and inside references? Oh most definitely but it still won’t confuse a new reader. But what it will do is make WWE fans smile because it’s a wrestling without wrestling, if that makes any sense.

Art wise the books looks good. Alitha Martinez does a decent job in recreating the wrestlers look in the book. They are easy to spot and recognizable without their names even being said. If I were to be picky, Brock Lesner and Ryback looked a little too small in one panel; but whatever. The book isn’t over the top with detail but again it doesn’t feel like it needs to be.

I’m not sure if I’m the biggest wrestling fan at Comic Bastards but I do know I had a lot of fun with this title. With that, I also know that a good handful comic book fans are wrestling fans. So if you fall in that category there’s a lot to like in Super Genius’ WWE Superstars miniseries.  Check it out and You’re Welcome!

Score: 4/5

Writer: Mick Foley w/ Shane Riches Artist: Alitha Martinez Publisher: Papercutz/Super Genius Price: $1.99 Release Date: 12/11/13