Review: WWE Superstars #4

Alright brother, Super Genius’ WWE Superstars has been quite a treat up to this point. Now it’s time to see if it has what it takes to close the deal entitled Money in the Bank. Punk, Bryan, A.J. and Christen are standing outside of Orton and Rio’s Apex community center. She reveals to the gang that this is the location where the money is hidden. Punker tells Christian his plan to set up Orton and reluctantly Christian agrees. On the street, Cena is still out to clear his name and soon gets word from Heyman where the money is. Cena heads over just in time to meet up with The Hounds of Justice. Inside Bryan confronts Orton, who has figured out that the money has been under his nose the whole time. The two men engage in combat. Orton beats Bryan and opens the briefcase right in front of Ziggler who promptly arrests him. WWE04_COVfinalWith Punk’s plan a success, the gang takes their rally cry to the people and Titan Towers. Punk tells the people that Orton is a fake and they need to vote in Daniel Bryan as the true hero of this city. As the people begin to riot, chaos breaks out as the heroes make their voices heard. This is a decent ending for this arc of Superstars; it wraps up everything nicely and does lay the ground work for more. There are still heels that need to be punished for their actions and there are few heroes that can be easily swayed to the dark side. It would have been nice to see Cena get more closure as he just gets pushed to the “dark side” when Punk woos the city. Then again, Punk has this air about him that leaves you to believe that he could go into business for himself, basically can he be trusted. There is a lot of fun to be had with Super Genius’ WWE Superstars. It you had a hard time finding all of the issues, don’t worry because it’s getting collected. Not only that but it looks like there’s another story arc coming our way with Haze of Glory! So if you’re like me and have been enjoying the series, you’ll find this news of more Superstars to be just too sweeeet.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Mick Foley w/ Shane Riches

Artist: Alitha Martinez

Publisher: Papercutz/Super Genius Price: $2.99

Release Date: 5/7/14

Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital