Review: X #12

Almost all of my reviews this week come off of strong issues from last months. X just got out of a fight with Gamble. I loved this villain, and especially loved the issue being dedicated to the two of them fighting on the rooftop. It was needed, but also was a showdown of pure strength that we hadn’t seen yet from X. Leigh also had a huge story happened. This woman is crazy trying to meet up with Tango for answers about X’s identity. I was surprised they only shot her in the leg and didn’t end her life right then and there. Now we must find out what Tango is using her for. I really thought some slow-moving issue would be next, but damn this issue gave me everything I have wanted. Leigh has been captured, and X can’t seem to get remotely close to finding her. The story jumps between the two. X trying to find her and hurting anyone in his path while Leigh is locked up for Tango’s use.

You don’t know exactly what the plan is for her but then it all becomes very clear. Leigh is just another pawn to get close to X. I have to say that Tango has taken Berkshire’s spot as my favorite villain now. We don’t even see him that much, but that is what makes it all the more interesting. He has big plans. And his years in prison have added time and thoughts to mapping it all out.  He adds some intensity to the story. I mean X is intense enough, but having a villain with that same attribute equals out the strength between the two. With a lot of other villain, you haven’t felt like X could lose, but Tango is different. Let’s face it, X is losing.

X #12 CoverNot only has he lost the person who understands him, but in this issue X loses his stability. He will lose a lot more once you pick up the issue. I will say one thing that although we don’t know who X is, we are sure to find out soon. I would assume that next issue that we get the background information on X we have been dying to see. Leigh has done her job, but at huge costs. I honestly don’t know if she will or any other character will be the same again.  They even bring back Ruidoso for all of this.

Finally this comic has brought in another powerful villain into X’s life. He has had it pretty easy for a while. I think some major factors will go into effect next issue playing around with the idea of an all-out manhunt for X. But X isn’t one dude to just give up that like. He will bring his "A" game back when the time is ready. This issue, X wasn’t ready. With all that has happened he can finally show everyone what he is truly made out of in the open. The only drawback is that X may have to give it all up after his big reveal.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Eric Nguyen Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/9/14 Format: Ongoing - Print/Digital