Review: X #13

X is giving us a new story arc. I have been craving a new arc ever scene Berkshire’s last dismantling. Last issue, Tango took my top spot for villain, so I think Dark Horse has set itself up perfectly with a new four-part arc that will sure to bring lots of blood. We finally got to the bottom of what X looks like, but obviously it isn’t his looks, it is about who he is as a person. That we haven’t undercovered. We have had bits and pieces revealed along with Tango, but there are still some vital steps missing. That story may be on the backburner for now, but my curiosity always gets the better of me.

What was so interesting to me with this opening story arc is how Tango takes everything from X. With X going through a beat down and Leigh being brainwashed, I didn’t know exactly how Tango would use all this to his advantage. It became so clear in here. Leigh still knows of X and that he is a vigilante, but from the brainwashing she is convinced that X’s work is wrong. I thought Tango may brainwash her into thinking X was a bad guy, but he played his cards right. I mean you really can’t blame anyone for feeling like X’s method is too extreme. I don’t how Leigh will ever shake this. Much therapy is needed. She thinks that X twisted her into helping him. I think this is her weakest point, because we all know Leigh pushed X into helping her. So this will have to be our starting ground if Leigh ever makes it back.

X #13 CoverI haven’t talked much about the writing that goes into X. I mostly focus on the art, but after reading this series for a while now I really have to hand it to Duane Swierczynski. He somehow manages to pull me back into the comic with each new story. Just when I think that I have had enough (not saying it is bad, but it gets tiring seeing broken limb after broken limb) he brings in some new villain that captures my attention. Plus I love the dynamic personalities within the comic. It makes Arcadia into this vibrant yet disastrous town. I think anyone could pick up this comic form any place and know exactly how to jump into this narrative. It always has action, it always has violence, and it always manages to entertain even in the most depressing moments.

Our new story arc was long-awaited, but I think the time has come for a new villain and X to make a huge splash. Leigh has developed into a great character, and seeing her switch sides although hurts it adds so much drama to the series.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Robert Atkins Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/14/14