Review: X #4

I knew exactly what I was getting into when starting to read X. I just didn’t know how much I’d like the experience. X is an all out vigilante, who keeps me intrigued with his explosive nature. He seems to have no limit to what he will do in order to kill the lords of crime. The thing that is most surprising here involves Leigh. I thought she would take away from the brutally of this comic but she adds a good mix to things. I like how she narrates a lot of it from her blog and really draws in the reader. To say X and Leigh have a cute thing going on just seems weird, so let’s say they have a relationship and leave it at that. X doesn’t seem like the type to go out and protect, but with Leigh it changes him. He usually takes out the middle man; the crime. But he does everything for Leigh and I am suspicious that they may have known each other before he turned into X.

X #4 CoverThe last issue left us on such a high I couldn’t wait to open this next one. Plus like most I wanted to know who the hell this guy is. I don’t feel bad being so concerned of it because it has some big plot behind it. Well friends let me tell that the big reveal happens in this very issue…just not to us. It is brilliant keeping his identity hidden to the reader. Like little kids we just want to see who is behind the mask and be done with it. We are only outsiders. Like the people of this town we can’t see who is behind the mask. Maybe we wouldn’t ever know who he is, but either way they are going to have to give some minor details how why he is doing this. It will only keep our interest heighten.

Besides for this reveal, you will not be disappointed in this issue. Berkshire and X have a showdown which is epic. The sequences are wicked with lots of blood spilled and broken pork rinds. We jump back and forth between X and then to Leigh being chased by a gang rape group. Usually the action is nothing compared with X’s scenes, but I find myself impatiently reading both hoping X can finish in time to save her.

This comic is addicting with its play on the dark hero. I would like to know more about the town though and how it ended up in such shit. Probably has something to do with X’s real identity though. If the comic slowly starts to give clues as to who he is then I think this comic could get real high on my list real fast. Along the way we can target man after man putting double slashes over their faces. Leigh will be the brains and X will be the brawn.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Eric Nguyen

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/14/13