Review: X #9

X is a fast paced comic. Only on issue nine, but already we have seen two-story arcs open and close. Our latest was with Lt. Setter. He took down some pretty nasty cops, but instead of killing them, he gave them his final warning. Most of the dudes went their separate ways to avoid X and his way with guns. I keep thinking that I am on issue twenty. I hope the series can keep with their fast pace stories. We do have these flatline sort of issues. I don’t love them, and I don’t hate them. They add some day-to-day routines for X and Leigh that offers a bit of calm before the storm. X has two new problems that he probably doesn’t know about. First, we have Turner. This dude has got serious mental issues. Turner recently killed a former mentor of his and now is going crazy wondering what the point to life is. He wants to kill himself but for some reason something is holding him back. He decides to do more bad and have X do the job for him. See I told you, mental. I can’t really read this dude if he just wants a chance at life or if he wants to do the right thing. Although this is the first villain that is given a background story, it all seemed a little rushed. I am not sure what the story is trying to tell us. He gets some thrill out of being punished. I don’t know why people can’t just do good.

X #9 CoverThe second thing X should smell coming is Leigh. This woman is asking to get smacked. X slips one night and tells Leigh he used to be in the “system.” Now she is on the hunt for his real identity. The story of what made him X. I always assumed Leigh recognized X when she saw him for the first time. Guess not. I feel like she could be doing something better with her time, but then again I am curious about X’s past too. Usually he knows everything, so if this is the case, then either 1) he is letting Leigh look or 2) he really wasn’t in the system. If 1) is the case, I am wondering what his motives are if she finds anything. Maybe he wants a friend or maybe he wants her gone. If 2) is the case then he has just played Leigh which will make me laugh in the end.

Now X faces two huge problems. You think Turners story is going to end but all of sudden he becomes something big. I am excited to see if the next issue takes off with Turner or if he is on the back burner till just the right moment.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Eric Nguyen Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/15/14