Review: X-O Manowar #18

UNITY is nigh!  Until that time, Aric defends his Visigoth settlement from the forces of the world that don’t like an awesome chronologically displaced man in awesome armor doing awesome things. Although the threat of the Vine has gone, Aric must keep safe the refugees from Dacia as he occupies the present day location of his lost kingdom: The Soviet Union.  In addition to proving to his enemies why he should be left alone, Aric must prove himself to his people, namely Volo.  Volo held the mantle of leadership when the Visigoths were enslaved.

XO_018_COVER_CRAINAs the Russians provoke Aric, we find out that there’s a more sinister force driving the attack.  The action builds into a prelude for the UNITY crossover.  If the crossover is anywhere near as good as this comic, the event will be a must-read.

Once again Robert Venditti takes the ‘man in armor’ motif and spins a brilliant, deep character driven story.  No cliché here; the action and drama are original and logically plausible.

I can’t recommend this book enough.  With excellent pacing, plot, and characterization, X-O Manowar delivers with one of the best-constructed monthly books on the shelves.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Robert Venditti Artist: Lee Garbett Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/16/13