Review: You Are Not Alone (OGN)

You Are Not Alone takes you on an exploration of the struggles that come along with being different, abused or depressed. It is full of submitted stories that illustrate these very haunting and humanizing experiences... It simply deserves so much recognition for its acknowledgement of violence, abuse and bullying that is ever so present in so many lives. I am so happy that someone has made this.  I hope that it may allow readers to connect with others that may have gone through something similar. Each chapter focuses on a different issue such as racism or homophobia and ends each one with resources that can be utilized for help. Whether or not you can relate, I still think that there will be at least one story in You Are Not Alone that will resonate with you. I know it did with me.

YANA_Cover1AThough each submission is unique they all conclude with a common theme: hope. It does send this inspiring message that there is help out there and there are others who are going through the same things. I don’t think this could have been properly executed if it was person trying to write the experiences of others.

What I did like was that there were stories that didn’t sugar coat recovery like just putting glitter on a wound but acknowledged that sometimes the shitty feelings don’t go away and that’s still okay.

I don’t think a comic has ever made me feel more than this one. After reading it I felt like I needed some soothing Chamomile and also to applaud Marc Lombardi for putting this project together and dedicating it to those who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy and the Colorado movie theater shooting. I hope that it will create more safe zones and shed light on these issues.  I think that this book will inspire and I am happy to see that there will be a volume two.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: Gray Haven Comics Price: $15.00 Website