Review: Zombies vs. Robots #2

Last issue I wondered how this comic was going to work as an ongoing story. Turns out only so-so. The first story starts with the humans that were woken from cryo-sleep last issue. This diverse cast (3 woman and 3 men, all different nationalities, that space-station is P.C.) make boring chit-chat, before the commander blows the station and they all have to abandon in space cocoons. Then the artwork shifts to the same style as issue one. It's a weird transition and not much is gained from this story. Zombies vs. Robots #2The tales of ZVR two-pager is fun. It's only two pages but its the best story in the book.

The Orphan continues the story of the girl who built a robot 'friend' last issue. We waste two pages on teaching it to play ball, this is to show us the robots are stronger than humans, can you say 'no shit'? There's a good panel of the robot taking out two zombies but the story is slow and wastes a lot of time setting up a cliffhanger.

This book is a weird one as there are three stories. As such they don't get enough page space to really develop well. They should have done one of the stories played it out and then done the other. Or they should have done two separate books to really devote the page space to the meandering story-telling. The Tales of ZVR they could of put at the end of either.

Score: 2/5

Zombies vs. Robots #2 Writer: Various Artist: Various Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/25/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital