Rooster Teeth RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Steam Early Access Today

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, the game, is now available for Early Access purchase on Steam for $14.99 RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was greenlit after receiving over 70,000 “Yes” votes in only two days. This 4-player co-operative game was inspired by the extremely popular web series from Rooster Teeth, RWBY. Fans rallied around the idea of a game and Rooster Teeth listened. In July 2013 RWBY, the web series, became an instant cult classic, having garnered over 13 million views since its inception. RWBY’s iconic anime style and engaging story has continued to foster an amazing community. The community began to inquire about whether a game would ever be created. After internally debating the idea Rooster Teeth decided to give its fans what they wanted, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. Employing the same anime style, adopting and expanding on the Remnant world, and bringing in the original voice actors, fans are sure to be entertained.

Michael Hadwin, Game Director, at Rooster Teeth Games had this to say about developing RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, “When you design a game around such a beloved series like RWBY, you really want to stay true to the heart of the story and characters. I'm proud to say we've meticulously crafted an experience very similar to playing an episode of the show and taken it a step further by adding new characters, story-lines and locations. Fans of RWBY will feel right at home, but are in for a treat as theRWBY universe expands into new directions. I hope our amazing community will be pleased as we explore this new adventure together.”

The RWBY: Grimm Eclipse trailer can be watched here. To purchase and learn more about RWBY: Grimm Eclipse head over to Steam today