Samantha's Top Five: November

Here's our next Top Five for November:

5 - Infinity

Sam Nov (4)

This series has really hit it home with me. I was worried after some awful tries with other Marvel events. Infinity really hones in on some key characters that I love so much. One of those has been Black Bolt. He has been written in so well with the comic that I actually am looking forward to some Inhumans spin off. The second has got to Captain America. I get pumped every time he comes on the page to give his all mighty speeches. Cap has been given all the right moves. The art is just amazing, and even though I don’t read the other stories that go along with Infinity, so it can get confusing, I still love every moment. The plot will have a huge impact on the Marvel universe, so get to reading.

4 - Quantum and Woody

Sam Nov (3)

Look this comic has the right balance of jokes and family ties. There is a lot of dialogue, but when it is good dialogue I can get behind it. Plus it is such quick dialogue, you really don’t know how much you have read until it is over. The story arc just proves that Quantum and Woody have what it takes to last. Valiant has done a brilliant job in bringing back an old time comic. And can just talk about the goat for a moment. I love when something has a logo or mascot, and with this comic my view of goats has forever changed. So thank you!

3 - Fatale

Sam Nov (5)

This comic can do no wrong. No seriously, I am waiting for it to stumble in order to give it some sort of bad review,  but it never does. The problems in Jo’s life keeps getting bigger, which only adds to the awesomeness of the series. This issue really exploded when Jo awakes from her amnesia. She is starting to remember, and that is going to be some epic backtracking since she has lived through decades of lives. Should be an interesting change of events in this era.

2 - TMNT- City Fall

 Sam Nov (2)

Speaking of TMNT, I had to throw this issue in there. It was epic. The whole City Falls story arc was down perfectly, but particularly this issue holds tons of ground. The action sequences will make you dig superheroes again, but the plotline is what captures the reader. The ending ties the Micro series in, and it needed to be done. The story now can lead to some rebuilding of tons of characters.  This was a huge step for the TMNT world, and I don’t think comic fans should miss it.

1 - TMNT- Villain Micro-Series Vol. 1

Sam Nov (1)

I have to admit that I thought these issue would be pretty lame. It sounds good in theory, but with so many other companies focusing on all this villain crap, I thought TMNT would take the road more travelled by. Man, I was so wrong. I loved every single issue of this volume. It was so much fun seeing the villain’s stories unfold. I thought is was brilliant adding in some key components from TMNT as well. It gave the readers an inside advantage when bouncing back between the two. The best issues have to Alopex and Hun though. It brought out real concerns for their characters, and captured the story going on in City Falls the best.