Season Two of The Black Hood -- Coming in September

The Black Hood is no more. Long live The Black Hood. After the game-changing events of the first season of the genre-defying Dark Circle Comic series, former police officer Gregory Hettinger has given up the mantle of The Black Hood for good. With his absence comes the arrival of a deadly assassin known as The Nobody, who's willing to slaughter dozens in his quest to draw out The Black Hood. How far is Hettinger willing to go before he finally steps forward to face an unbeatable opponent?

THE BLACK HOOD #1: SEASON 2 launches on September 21st from the creative team of writer Duane Swierczynski, artist Greg Scott, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick and letterer Rachel Deering.

Picking up where the previous series left off but also serving as the perfect jumping on point for new readers, THE BLACK HOOD #1: SEASON 2 continues the creator-driven approach to Dark Circle Comics' reimagining of the classic Red Circle superheroes. Season 2 also promises to take The Black Hood out of his familiar surroundings of Philadelphia and into new, uncharted territories for the former cop-turned-vigilante.

"The exciting thing about this next season is that we’ll be taking the Hood on the road. The one thing he’s always had in his corner is his knowledge of the City of Philadelphia. But that won’t do him much good this time around," says series writer Duane Swierczynski. "I’m seriously excited about the Hood’s new antagonist, who is smart, focused, aggressive and relentless — pretty much the worst kind of person to have on your ass.”

Dark Circle Comics Editor Alex Segura spoke on the series returning this fall with a new season and new #1, "When we reached the end of the latest storyline, "The Lost Crusade," it made sense to take a break and return with a new #1. It also gives fans a great opportunity to step into the series. We'd love for them to go back and read the first 11 issues, but this new #1 comes in with zero baggage. If you've heard about this book and were curious to try it out, now's the time."

"Duane and Greg are at the top of their game and this book is just a pleasure to watch come together. I have to give a hat tip to the killer colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick and letterer Rachel Deering, too, who are an essential part of what makes this book hum. Dark, gritty, unflinchingly hardboiled storytelling in the same vein as CRIMINAL or 100 BULLETS," said Segura.

In additional Dark Circle news, Segura expanded on the status of the line and its future.

"I want to assure people that we are committed to these characters and these books. We are moving full-steam ahead on concluding the initial arcs of THE SHIELD and THE HANGMAN - with THE SHIELD #3 and THE HANGMAN's fourth issue hitting in October. I'm also excited to announce that THE BLACK HOOD artist Greg Scott will be joining Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig on the fourth issue of THE SHIELD, which will close out Victoria's debut story in grand style. But keep your eyes peeled for THE SHIELD #3, which closes out artist Drew Johnson's masterful run on the book - it's his best issue yet. As for the future of Dark Circle, we'll be making some cool announcements in the months following the launch of THE BLACK HOOD's second season that should get fans jazzed for what's to come."

THE BLACK HOOD #1: SEASON 2 will arrive in comic book stores this September.