Superheroes, the Transition from On-screen to Games

Superheroes have long felt success throughout the comic book, manga, and cinematic world, even some television series have been well received in their portrayal of beloved characters. However, one avenue has always proved to be a grey area, and that is games. There have been plenty of titles released, but very few have managed to incite the same kind of passion as when they’re on the big or small screen. In fact, there are more protagonists that can’t transition to video games than those that can. Luckily, there has been a sort of redemption in this noman’s land, chiefly in the form of DC favourite Batman. The infamous dark knight made quite the entrance in 2009 when Batman: Arkham Asylum was released. Unlike previous attempts (not including the fun of Lego’s rendition), this game managed to capture the very essence of what the character and his franchise was all about. It was brooding, dark, and most importantly, well crafted, creating a narrative that flowed as seamlessly as its gameplay. The release had such a good reception that even players who didn’t normally appreciate the complexities of Batman played it and enjoyed it.

From then onward, it seems that developers from all sectors of the gaming industry started to understand what was needed in order to create a successful superhero game, as shown by Microgaming’s Hellboy slots. Just as the newest online slots feature HD graphics, so too does this activity, available from brands such as the widely acclaimed Betway. The reason this particular game is so popular is because, like Batman, it has been carefully put together to feature all the Dark Horse Comic elements that made this 90s comic so well liked. Although presented in a 2D format instead of a third person video game, it has an abundance of features which include the Supermode Bonus where you are awarded ten free spins.

While this has fared well, and has totted up many positive reviews with players, consoles and PCs tend to be where the majority of superhero games are released, with only a select few successfully operating at online casinos. Sword Art Online: Lost Song was released in 2015, and is based on a light novel series, aka manga, that was published in 2009. Delivered in an MMO, gamers can play for hours, fighting through hordes of enemies and dungeons. And even though there is no immersive storyline to follow, there is still lots of entertainment to be had, where your engagement is less concentrated and more about fun.