The Roach: A new comic by Brett Buckle and Richmond Clements

Some are born heroes; others have heroism slap them in the face. The Roach presents a unique and much-needed fresh take on the superhero genre. The book chronicles the tales of an unlikely, unmotivated and entirely unprepared superhero, Roach, and his alien companion Lyra, as they confront a range of foes, testing their mental and physical mettle along the way.

“I wanted to create a world that is a sort of pulp, B-Movie hyper-reality and follow an inept outsider as he tries to make sense of it ... with a lot of poor taste, dark comedy and spandex.” says artist and co-creator Brett Buckle.

To help bring his vision to life Brett brought in writer Richmond Clements (Zarjaz, FutureQuake, Ketsueki, Pirates of the Lost World). “Brett asked me to help him knock his idea into a script shaped story. I was immediately attracted to the idea. It’s a genuinely new take on the superhero genre. It’s also very very funny, and gives me the chance to display my greatest strength, and ironically, my greatest weakness: terrible puns. I don’t know where else, as a grown adult, I’d get to write a story involving a giant genetically modified killer ferret.”

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