The Superpowers of Superheroes

Superheroes may have started in comic books, but they have morphed into more realistic characters as they have been introduced into television shows and movies. Today, many people love to watch their favorite superheroes and imagine what it would be like to be them. The great thing about superheroes is that most of them have his or her own unique superpowers, making it more interesting to match up a hero’s personality with their respective superpower.



Superman is perhaps one of the most versatile superheroes because he showcases a variety of superpowers. For starters, he is capable of flying, invulnerable to physical damage, and has super strength, allowing him to pick up just about anything. He has also exhibited a variety of other superpowers, including heat vision, super breath, and telepathy. Because his only weakness, kryptonite, is only found on his home planet, he is quite powerful until he comes in contact with pieces of his home planet.


Flash - 24

While there have been many incarnations of Flash, all share the same basic superpowers. His primary superpower is the ability to move and think faster than light speed so he can perform tasks without being noticed. However, these aren't the only powers he possesses. He can also travel through time and change his shape so he can move through the subatomic spaces between atoms.

The Hulk


Most people recognize the Hulk because of his green color and large, muscular size. Because of his sheer size, his primary superpower is his massive strength. This power is unrivaled by any other superhero, the angrier the Hulk gets the more powerful he becomes. The Hulk can also regenerate his tissues quickly, making many attacks fairly ineffective, and he never seems to tire, which makes it extremely difficult to defeat him.

Wonder Woman


One of the first female superheroes, Wonder Woman is still also one of the most powerful. She has an array of superpowers comparable to that of Superman, combined with the fighting skills of Batman. She possess God like powers due to her divine heritage. She has super strength, flying, physical toughness, and a keen intellect. Unlike many of the other superheroes, though, she is more vulnerable to physical attack. However, she is immune to almost all psychic and magical attacks.



Thor is actually a Norse god, which means he has incredible strength and possesses Mjolnir, a hammer that is one of the most effective weapons used by a superhero. In addition to these powers, Thor also possesses incredible endurance and toughness, which makes him a formidable opponent who doesn't wear down or get injured easily. The Mjolnir has the power to summon lightning and fly, which can be used to devastating effect against his foes.

Superheroes have long been loved by children, as well as adults. What began as a trend for comic books has grown into something you can actually watch on television or on the big screen in a movie theater. You can get Direct TV packages that include many channels that feature shows about these superheroes. One of the things that really draws people to these characters is their extraordinary abilities. It is fun to imagine what life would be like if there really were superheroes who had these powers or even what it would be like to have them yourself.