The Walking Dead: Lori Needs A Sandwich

"The Walking Dead" the TV series is what I'm talking about today. This mainly started because I was talking to the guys in the tattoo shop as I was getting some new ink. I've been talking to a few about it and the general opinion is if you're a fan of the comic its a bad TV show based on the comic, but on the other hand if you've never read the comic people love it (i.e. my wife). Me I'm on the fence. Season one was too short, I felt the story never really developed. Season two now has me wondering who's going to kill who? I feel the survivors are just going to "off" themselves or each other before the zombies get them. The episodes themselves start out with good action, suspense and it grabs your attention, but it falls off after 15-20 minutes. The story builds again to grab your attention at the end but that only goes so far. I'd prefer it be all action in the series or all drama but it feels like they can't make up their mind. So for me its starting to become a joke or just guessing how the episode will end. But it does make some interesting comments between my wife and I; like is Lori a zombie or not because, she looks like she needs a sandwich? Or what's worse than a zombie? A zombie with a helmet.

Zomibes Ahead Sign

What it comes down to is that the show is entertaining for me, but I'm not impressed with it. The show draw you in but leaves you hanging. You can already see, because of the popularity of the show, Hollywood is going to kill the zombie genre by making everything they can from, bad sci-fi movies, clothing, video games and even dice games. Everybody is on this bandwagon which leaves me waiting for the Twilight zombie edition.